WG-type-wide Grid Series

System Description

The wide grid series give a clear pattern and provide the greatest flexibility of installation. After the set out of wide grid, the panel can simply rest on the grid to complete the installation, other E&M fitting out work can be proceed at the same time without obstruction. It is suitable for open style office and shopping mall.

Wellbone® also provide system light fixture and louver for standard system.
A. wide grid are available from 50~1200mm width with 4000mm length max.
B. panel size are available from 100~1500mm width with 4000mm length max., curved panel are also available.

The thickness and flange of the wide grid and panel are various depends on the size and design, we will provide system solution and details upon your unique design.


Position the L-shape or C-shape pre-punched runner by suspension bolt from soffit and adjusted to the ceiling level, fix the wide grid beneath by the hanger, lay on the panel into the void to complete the installation.


The wide grids are usually made of galvanized steel, panel are available for both aluminum and galvanized steel. Galvanized steel are stronger and better for fire protection while aluminum is light weight and not easy to oxidize, it is an ideal material for humid area. Panel is finished with powder coating, it is one of the best environmental friendly paint, coating thickness can reach 60 to 80 microns, with the best sealing performance, rich and colorful texture effects.


Metal ceiling is normally matte white, smooth and easy to clean.

Panel with perforated can help in good ventilation, backing with sound absorption tissue can result acoustic function. Wellbone® also can provide different option in color for the choice of your designer to create the ideal working and living space.

Technical Drawings