Wellbone® Cladding System

Save time & Easy to Install

Metal Ceiling

Metal Ceiling is one of the essential element in interior decoration.

Wellbone® Metal Ceiling is suitable for office building, hospital, hotel, shopping mall, airport, subway station, and many more.


Designed Ceiling / Special Products

Wellbone® works with design specialists to produce variety of ceilings and claddings.

We combine Aluminum with Special Printing and Plaster. In addition, we provide different solutions to fulfill your uniqueness ideas.


Stainless Steel

Kirii provides a wide range of decorative stainless steel.

Our variety of colors, textures and patterns will let you create a unique environment tailored to your specific tastes.


Metal Cladding

Wellbone® Cladding System is suitable for internal and external purpose.

Different dimension and feature can be made referring to the requirement of our customers. The use of materials is generally aluminum or stainless steel. Honeycomb can be added to ensure the flatness and stiffness of the panel.


Our Portfolio

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