Access Panel


Wellbone® ceiling access panel is a solution for the maintenance of gypsum board ceiling, it is made of aluminum alloy and easy to install.

Product Type

  • Y-type (regular)
  • L-type (concealed)
  • LG-type (exposed)

Standard size :
(1) 300x300mm (2) 450x450mm (3) 600x600mm
custom size are available.


All the access panel are made aluminum finished with powder coating, easy for installation and maintenance.

Installation Notes

When ceiling access panel is required, the following should be noted:

  1. The cutting edges should be straight;
  2. Check the diagonal dimension to make sure the opening is a square, irregular opening may result malfunction of the hinge

Technical Drawings

Y-type Access Hatch
Access Hatch-Overview
LG-type Access Hatch
L-type Access Hatch