Acoustic Ceiling Series

Wellbone® metal ceiling can provide perforated to accommodate the aesthetic and functional performance criteria for different application.

Wellbone have range of perforation, standard square and diagonal pitch, square and rectangular perforation are also available for your choice. Please refer to perforation table and discuss with manufacturer for special requirement.

The diameter of the punch holes, the ratio between the pitch ”D” and the thickness of the panel ”T” should be greater than 1.5 to make sure that the flatness of the panel after perforation. Design which exceeded the above limit should consult with the manufacturer for solution.

Other than provide excellent ventilation, the perforated ceiling can also achieve acoustic function with the acoustic tissue stick on the back, sound absorption can be achieve by additional of fiberglass or rockwool. SoundTex acoustic tissue are to the standard of ASTM C423-90A; DIN EN 20354; BS RN 20354 and GBJ 75-84. (Refer to Table 1 & 2 for testing data)

Technical Drawings