CR-type Wide Linear Ceiling

System Description

The wide linear ceiling is of 300mm standard width, the beveled edges of the panel which high lighted the ceiling pattern. It is formed by roll forming machine that made it flexible in length with the best on-site installation performance and suitable for open space application.

Panel can be install without runner for ceiling width under 2000mm, ceiling width exceed 2000mm can utilize R-shape runner to achieve wind proof function. Wellbone® also provide integrated lighting fixture, ceiling access hatch and air-conditioning vent to match with the system requirement.


Fix the trimming angle on the perimeter, position the L-shape and U-shape runner by suspension bolt from soffit and adjusted to the ceiling level, hook on the linear panel to complete the installation.


Suspension frame is made of galvanized steel, the linear ceiling is made of aluminum. Material can switch to harder alloy if necessary. Aluminum is light, not easy for oxidation which suitable for area with high humidity. Panel is finished with powder coating, it is one of the best environmental friendly paint, coating thickness can reach 60 to 80 microns, with the best sealing performance, rich and colorful texture effects.


The linear ceiling is normally matte white, smooth and easy to clean.

Panel with perforated can help in good ventilation, backing with sound absorption tissue can result acoustic function. Wellbone® also can provide different option in color for the chose of your designer to create the ideal working and living space.

Technical Drawings