Home Ceiling Series

System Description

The home ceiling series have two categories: living room, bathroom and kitchen. For home application, Wellbone® can coordinate with designer to create an ideal living environment. Allow you to feel the charming of ceiling design A clean and tidy bathroom and kitchen is essential, Wellbone® provide wide range of ceiling choice. Metal ceiling is durable and easy to clean, the wide linear ceiling is suitable for bathroom and kitchen application as well as design ceiling that help to keep your home always refreshing.


The bathroom and kitchen are relatively small, the wide linear ceiling can simply lay-on the wall trimming without any suspension. Wellbone® have separate installation detail for design ceiling in living room.


Ceiling for home use are usually made of aluminum, it is light weight and not easy to oxidize, it is an ideal material for humid area like bathroom and kitchen. Panel is finished with powder coating, it is one of the best environmental friendly paint, coating thickness can reach 60 to 80 microns, with the best sealing performance, rich and colorful texture effects.


Aluminum ceiling is normally matte white, you may mixed with other color or the wood grain pattern to create a warm and trendy living environment. The concern for bathroom and kitchen ceiling are moisture and stain, plain panel with white color can offer a clean and tidy effect.

Technical Drawings