TG-type Tartan Grid Ceiling Series

System Description

Tartan grid is the most unique ceiling systems, it provides the greatest flexibility in line with other trade during the construction program. The system is simple but rigid, suitable for large open space such as office buildings, railway stations, banks operation room and general interior ceiling decoration.

The system consists of wide grid and center box, it can design to hexagonal boxes to form a 60 ° angle system. It provides the biggest flexibility in design for the designer.

Tartan grid series mainly two categories: Standard size (refer to specifications table) and Non-Standard size, it is custom made and subject to architects / designers requirement, we will provide solution based on the unique design.

For the Non-standard items, we can provide solution based on the idea of the designer, panel size up to 4000mm in length, and 50~1500mm in width. The wide grid from 50~1200mm is available.


Suspension frame consist of wide grid and center box, the center box is suspended by suspension bolt from soffit, connect the wide grid to the center box by screw fixing to form the tartan grid system, additional hanger will be require if the wide grid is long. Lay on the panel to complete installation. Other E/M services can based on the wide grid system to arrange their own installation accordingly.


Wellbone® The tartan grid ceiling panel is made of aluminum and the grids and center box are made of galvanized steel. Material can switch to harder alloy if necessary. Aluminum is light, not easy for oxidation which suitable for area with high humidity. Panel switch to Galvanized Steel will have better strength and fire protection. Panel is finished with powder coating, it is one of the best environmental friendly paint, coating thickness can reach 60 to 80 microns, with the best sealing performance, rich and colorful texture effects. It can also switch to fluorocarbon finish if necessary.


Wellbone® tartan grid ceiling is normally matte white, smooth and easy to clean.

Panel with perforated can help in good ventilation, backing with sound absorption tissue can result acoustic function. Wellbone® also can provide different option in color for the choice of your designer to create the ideal working and living space.

Technical Drawings