UO-type Baffle Ceiling Series

System Description

The baffle ceiling series is a visually striking linear ceiling system, its unique linear pattern can stimulate visual effect from different perspective. The simple structure and installation method helps to reduce the installation period. By modify the pre-punched Z-carriers, waved ceiling other than normal flat ceiling can be achieve easily. It is suitable for the large-scale open space such as railway station, shopping mall, shopping arcade and other public area.

The baffle ceiling series can be custom made to suit different design, allow more room for the designer to fulfill customer’s requirement.


Installation of baffle ceiling is simple, position the pre-punched Z-carriers by suspension bolt from soffit, screw fix the baffle section to the Z-carriers with the pre-punched holds to complete the installation. It is advised to use GMS angle for outdoor installation if wind load is concern.


The baffle ceiling is made of aluminum and all the parts are made of galvanized steel. Since the system is open style, the Z-carriers have to powder coated to avoid expose to outside. The baffle is normally finished with powder coating, it is one of the best environmental friendly paint, coating thickness can reach 60 to 80 microns, with the best sealing performance, rich and colorful texture effects. It can also switch to fluorocarbon finish if necessary.


The baffle ceiling series is a visually striking linear ceiling system, it can create variety pattern by different design, each independent profile also can coated with different color to increase the visual effect. Other than powder coating, wood grain pattern are also available. Wellbone® ceiling products can work with designer to provide solution of variety design to achieve ideal ceiling system.

Technical Drawings